I don’t know what to do first. Haha.


Ang daming requirements para makapag apply ng marriage license. Busy this christmas vacation pero excited :)))

I NEED my dramas again.

Thank you God for giving us a very beautiful gift! We’re forever grateful!

Surprise. Badtrip.

Ilang weeks ako nag isip ng plan. Eh kaso sinira niyo. Buti nalang di pa ko namimili. Inuna mo sila eh. Edi kayo magsama. Pakasaya kayo.

Oh my Tumblr.

It’s been weekssss (or more than a month) since I last checked your dashboard. I hardly see any posts from the tumblrs I follow. Sorryyyyy. I often only goes to you when I wanted to post something. And all the photos are almost from my instagram. -_-

I promise I’ll do some backreads, as in major backreads once I’m done with all our school reports.

Oh YES. Blame THAT.

You’re not stupid.
Not at all.

It’s funny how people thinks that you’re posting about them when you’re not.

Stalker much? Creepy much? Conceited much?

That’s just sad.